Project Secured at Northway House, Whetstone


We are due to start our works in July 2015 for our client Durkan Ltd, on this development which is a mix of refurbishment and new build accommodation. 

Northway House has an order value in excess of £3.1 million.

An existing 1960’s office block is to be refurbished to provide 97 mixed tenure apartments over 10 floors, this block is referred to as block A. 

At the rear of this block a new building containing 48 apartments is being constructed with four core areas, this is known as blocks B, C and D.

The basement area of block A is the location for the energy centre containing all the gas fired plant and a CHP unit.  The energy centre will provide site wide heating to all the apartments via wall hung heating interface units. 

All the apartments will have an underfloor heating system, whole house ventilation and in block A, all the flats have an independent sprinkler fire suppression system installed.

Other systems to be installed under our contract include a full controls and BMS package, smoke extract and ventilation systems in the basement car park areas and dry risers to all cores.

More details will be added as the contract progresses.